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Our customers include large multinational corporations as well as local small companies and associations from the region. In any case, the development of a trusting and long-term partnership on an equal footing is our priority.

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  • Approval documentation for the construction of a new gas turbine power plant
  • Creation and localization of the project-specific system documentation of
  1. Gas engine systems
  2. Combined cycle power plants
  3. Wind turbines (on- and offshore)
  • Accompanying product and system certification according to
  1. Machinery Directive
  2. Pressure Equipment Ordinance
  3. CE conformity
  4. Federal Pollution Control Act
  5. Water Resources Act
  • Creation and processing of electrical documentation and construction in plant engineering
  • Creation of production and assembly documentation of bulletproof vehicles
  • Creation of documentation as part of the certification of the quality management system (ISO 9000 et sqq., Lean Six Sigma, Kaizen)
  • Introduction of RDS-PP at a wind turbine manufacturer (on and offshore)
  • Localization of product documentation (energy technology, plant engineering, test and measurement technology)
  • Accounting and office services for
  1. sport clubs
  2. publishing houses
  3. workshops
  4. property owners